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Showtime poll: Darchinyan 42, Arce 6

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Of the 48 members of the media who participated in a Showtime prediction poll, 42 picked Darchinyan and six selected Arce. Here’s how they see the title fight:

Michael Rosenthal, (THE RING Magazine), (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan is too powerful for Arce at this stage of the Mexican's career and is going to knock him out in the fifth round.”

Kevin Iole, (Darchinyan): “Arce has seen better days and Darchinyan is one of the elite fighters in the game right now. Vic wins by TKO 7.”

Carlos Arias, Orange County Register, (Darchinyan): “Arce is going to be right there in front of him but Darchinyan will be too strong at the end. Vic by ninth-round KO.”

Robert Morales, Long Beach Press Telegram/Los Angeles Daily News, (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan is too good right now and will stop Arce in the middle rounds. He hits harder by far than anyone in the division and, as he proved against Mijares, just because he’s in against a little better boxer, it doesn’t mean a thing the way he is fighting right now.”

Lance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times, (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan will punish Arce, who has become a popular, well-loved entertainer to his fans. The fun ends when he walks into the ring against the champ, who battered the guy who pummeled Arce.”

Steve Kim,, (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan seems to be the fighter on a roll and in his physical prime. Darchinyan by fifth-round KO.”

Dan Rafael, (Darchinyan): “It will be a good fight while it lasts, but Darchinyan is too strong and fresh and will knock Arce out.”

J. Michael Falgoust, USA Today (Arce): “Darchinyan is a bigger puncher, but Arce is the better boxer. He's too smart to allow Darchinyan to measure him with his outstretched arms and potshot. Expect him to go to the southpaw's body to wear him down over the distance.”

George Willis, New York Post (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan will do exactly what he said he would and that is break down Arce and demolish him. Vic wins by seventh-round KO.”

Tim Smith, New York Daily News, (Darchinyan): “Arce is a blood-and-guts guy and a real fan favorite, but Darchinyan figures to be too much and will win by late knockout.”

Ramon Aranda,, (Arce): “Though Darchinyan is the favorite, Arce possesses a hard punch and we've seen Darchinyan in serious trouble before. And, as we've learned the past few weeks, the guy that beats the man who beat the man won't necessarily come out on top (Hopkins, Taylor, Pavlik, Mosley, Cotto, Margarito). Will ‘The Raging Bull’ be able to hurt Arce? My guess is no. In a bloody battle, Arce comes out on top via late KO.”

Kieran Mulvaney, Reuters/ (Darchinyan): “No offense to Arce, who is an exciting fighter who has had a terrific career, but he is a little too far past his peak, and a little too far over his best weight. Normally, Arce has trouble with slick boxers, not brawlers; but although Darchinyan showed against Mijares he can box perfectly well when need be, it’ll be his strength and power that will ultimately overcome the Mexican around the sixth round of an exciting contest.”

Clive Bernath,, (Darchinyan): “I think Darchinyan will have the edge in this fight, not only because he possesses the greater firepower but because he is now returning to his best form following the loss to Nonito Donaire and the draw against Z Gorres. Darchinyan will break down Arce in around eight rounds, much the same way he did against Dimitri Kirilov and Mijares.”

Patrick Kehoe, Digest magazine, (Darchinyan): “Vic has improved his defense and tactical awareness over the past year and a half, perfectly complementing his predatory nature. Arce will be there to be hit and cut all night long or until the finale. Darchinyan wins by ninth-round knockout.”

Marc Abrams,, (Darchinyan): “This looks to be an exciting fight as no matter what is going on, Arce always makes it fan friendly. Unfortunately that plays right into Darchinyan's powerful hands. Arce will do OK early until he starts running into shots and getting bloodied and battered all over Anaheim. The ref will stop it in round nine or 10.”

Jake Donovan,, (Darchinyan): “Based on Vic's incredible turnaround in 2008 and Arce's inconsistent run post-Mijares, many seem to believe this will be short but sweet, and explosive for however long it lasts. I like Vic by a considerable margin, but Jorge won't go away from just one punch, nor will Vic escape completely unscathed. Expect plenty of fists to fly and blood to flow before Darchinyan pours it on in the middle rounds, scoring a TKO stoppage (either through attrition or facial cuts) somewhere around round seven or eight.”

Lyle Fitzsimmons, The Sports Network, (Darchinyan): “Two great characters. Two big punchers. But the problem for Arce is that Darchinyan does everything he does, only better. And unless Jorge morphs into Nonito Donaire overnight, he's likely to meet the same fate as the rest of Vic's opponents. That said, it ought to be fun while it lasts. Darchinyan by KO 7.”

Hesiquio Balderas, “'El Tuxtepecano'' newspaper in Oaxaca, Mexico, (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan will win by knockout because he is … stronger, a bigger puncher and he showed against Mijares that he can adapt to different styles and can follow a strategy. Arce has a punch too and that would be his only chance, but after the Hussein Hussein fight, ‘El Travieso' has never been the same. He has had many wars, but, also, he is well known here in Mexico for his celebrity lifestyle. He is not taken very seriously as a fighter by the fans anymore.”

Tim Starks, The Queensberry Rules,(Darchinyan): “Two characters who live and breathe for the knockout; one an egomaniac who fights like a crab and the other a lollipop-sucking showman. But I can't fight the feeling that Darchinyan might be a full level above Arce on the world-class scale. It’ll be fun in the early going, but by the middle rounds, let's say the fifth, Darchinyan will turn Arce into a Krabby Patty Burger.”

Jack Obermayer, Boxing Digest magazine (Arce): “Based on nothing tangible, but the way things have been going in major fights, upsets after upsets, I'll still ride the wave of the underdog and go with Arce by late round stoppage. I feel Vic is still full of himself and will make too many mistakes. He thinks he's God; he’s not.”

Brian Wilbur, (Darchinyan): “Arce and Darchinyan have similar strengths: power, aggression and toughness. This is going to be a war that likely won't last the distance. The only reason I am picking Vic (by eighth-round TKO) is because he throws straighter punches, so he is likely to get there first.”

Sergio Machado, AOL Latino, (Darchinyan): “Arce lacks the power to make Vic crumble or to even bother him. The 'Raging Bull' has shown an array of resources in each one of his last fights and seems to be improving more and more. Darchinyan also seems to be more confident than Arce, who hasn't been the self promoter he was before. One more down for Darchinyan as he continues to climb on the pound-per-pound lists. Vic by KO in the middle rounds, probably the seventh.”

Raymundo Dioses,, (Arce): “Darchinyan imposed his will on Mijares, but Arce will not be playing into Darchinyan’s hands like Mijares did. Arce sports just as much pop as Darchinyan. Arce is the one scoring a knockout, or winning a decision.”

Daxx Kahn, Saddo Boxing, (Darchinyan): “This should be one of the year’s most exciting bouts. One man has tremendous knockout power and the other has an all-out style that rarely disappoints. Arce will try to make this his type of bout from the onset leaving Vic little time to set up his one-punch knockout shots, roughing up the ‘Raging Bull’ and perhaps even putting him down early. (But) after the initial onslaught, Darchinyan will adjust, land his awkward power punches and triumph by knockout in tremendous fashion.”

Paul Upham,, (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan is at the peak of his powers now after his knockout win over Mijares. If Arce goes toe to toe, it will end quickly. If he stays on the outside, it will take a couple of extra rounds. Either way, Darchinyan runs over Arce like a truck en route to a third-round knockout.”

Bart Barry,, (Arce): “Darchinyan is the more accurate puncher. Arce has the better chin. The delta between the fighters' punches and chins will decide the winner. Arce wins by KO 9.”

Jack Hirsch, Boxing News, (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan is on a roll right now. It will take an exceptional fighter to beat him, something that Arce is not. Darchinyan is too strong and will gradually walk Arce down and halt him in about 10 rounds.”

Scott Swerbinsky,, (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan wins because of his power and hunger to be the best.”

Coyote Duran, Doghouse Boxing, (Darchinyan): “It's a couple of years late but it's here. Two years ago, 'El Travieso' may have had a chance against ‘The Raging Bull' but Arce's loss to Mijares versus his five comeback wins since can't bring him to the level where Darchinyan currently stands. Darchinyan not only regained his confidence after the stunning knockout loss to Nonito Donaire, but beat two tough titleholders in the process. Arce lost to a southpaw in Mijares and Darchinyan's a lefty with way more power. Darchinyan by TKO 10.”

Francis W. Walker,, (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan is going to defeat Arce in a fight that isn't going to last the distance. Darchinyan is the better technician, the harder puncher and will pressure Arce. Arce has absorbed a lot of punishment in his great career and may be on a steady decline.”

Jason Jackson,, (Darchinyan): “Two bitter rivals with entertaining fighting styles will make for an explosive fight that the hardcore fan should not miss. Darchinyan’s speed, power and stamina will be too much for the valiant Arce and he will win by eighth-round knockout.”

Chris Robinson,, (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan has too much firepower in this one, especially at this stage in Arce's career, and wins via late TKO.”

Dan Hernandez, Ringsidereport, (Darchinyan): “This is a great matchup on a super night of boxing, but Darchinyan was so strong and such a buzzsaw last time out that I believe he'll be hard to beat. Darchinyan by knockout in the middle rounds.”

Gunnar Meinhardt, German Boxing, (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan will prevail because of his punching power and determination. In an exciting fight, Vic wins by decision – or possible late stoppage.”

Lee Bellfield, Saddoboxing, (Darchinyan): “This is definitely a Fight of the Year candidate and hopefully one that will get media attention that is sometimes not afforded to fighters in the lower weight divisions. There's certainly history in this one between the rival promoters, which will add spice to the occasion. This bout has phone booth brawl written all over it but Darchinyan's improvement since moving up in weight will be the deciding factor. Darchinyan wins a slugfest by seventh-round knockout.”

Scott Fyfe, The Sunday Post – Scotland, (Darchinyan): “The bravery of Arce will make him a live underdog for as long as it lasts, but these are two fighters going in different directions. Darchinyan will wear down the younger man and put himself into consideration for the Top 10 pound-for-pound rankings with an eighth-round knockout.”

Butch Gottlieb,, (Darchinyan): “Arce has not fought a quality opponent in almost three years. If he clowns around with Darchinyan, he’ll get stopped. Vic may be saying that he does not take Arce seriously, but I have been watching him train and believe me, he IS serious. Darchinyan ends it in the seventh.”

Igor Frank, Burbank Times, (Darchinyan): “This will be very competitive because of Arce’s conditioning, preparation and willingness to take punches to deliver his. But in the end Darchinyan’s superior fire power and much improved boxing skills will be too much for the Mexican slugger. Darchinyan by late-round KO.”

Oscar Borras, 20 de Mayo, (Darchinyan): “This will be a war. Vic’s tremendous punching power and relentless attack will be the difference and he will knock out Arce around the eighth round.”

Howard Reed,, (Darchinyan): “In a candidate for the Fight of the Year while it lasts, Darchinyan will win by sixth-round knockout.”

Ross Rivera, The Wave Newspapers (Darchinyan): “Vic is a near version of Roberto Duran – only with Tyson-like one-punch KO power. Darchinyan will handle Arce's power and leave him wilted, bone dry on the canvas. A new era has arrived.”

Albert Alvarez, (Darchinyan): “Wow! What a fight! Darchinyan is a shark. He stalks and stalks from unusual angles. Watching Darchinyan fight is like watching a horror film; you just know he is going to get his prey. Arce is a very good puncher who is at his best when he bangs to the body. The main concern for Arce is that both fighters know only one way to fight, and that is to come forward. The difference is Darchinyan has more power. It will be a bloody brawl and a test of wills, but Darchinyan will win by KO 10.”

J.R. Jowett, Boxing Digest, (Arce): “Like any good fight, this is a tough call. Darchinyan is proven against solid competition, but Arce has more experience against opposition every bit as tough and will win a decision.”

Armando Cabrera,, (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan is a force to be reckoned with and is the dominant pugilist in his division at the moment. Jorge is a tough boxer, as tough as they come from Mexico, but he is no match for Vic, who will knock out Arce around the seventh round.”

Manny Varela,, (Darchinyan): “Vic is at the peak of his career and has the style to give Arce many problems. Arce has been in too many wars and has a tough time handling southpaws (see his fight with Mijares). Darchinyan by unanimous decision.”

Alden “The Kid” Chodash,, (Darchinyan): “Darchinyan is going to give Arce fits. Odd angles and high activity level will be too much for the aging Arce. A bigger puncher than Mijares, Arce should keep the action going into the late rounds. Vic wins by late stoppage.”

Dennis Bernstein, Score Media Ventures (Darchinyan): “Vic has made amends for his 2007 defeat at the hands of Nonito Donaire with the KOs of Mijares and Dmitri Kirilov during the second half of 2008. Arce will have the fans in his corner but that will be his only advantage. Though he kept active since his 2007 loss to Mijares, ‘Travieso’ hasn't faced world-class competition in the five bouts leading up to this blockbuster. Despite the fact Darchinyan is four years older, the rigors of 56 fights has caught up with the flashy Arce. Vic gets his man in the middle rounds by KO.”