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Mosley loaded with confidence

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Shane Mosley believes he’ll have more success against Antonino Margarito on Jan. 24 than Miguel Cotto did when he lost to the Mexican welterweight last year for two reasons.

One, Mosley has the right style for Margarito. And, two, Cotto underestimated the relentless pressure Margarito places on his opponents.

Mosley said the fact he is a complete package – speed, power, resilience and experience – will allow him to survive the aggression and ultimately shock the boxing world by beating the younger fighter in Los Angeles.

“I have good hand speed, good power,” Mosley said on a conference call Thursday. “I’m also very durable; I can take a good shot. I can stay in there and fight. I don’t have to move around, move away or be afraid of exchanging punches with him. Some fighters are just fast and or just strong but can’t take a punch. They can’t take it inside. ÔǪ I have everything, the total package for someone like Margarito.

“Margarito is one dimenisional. He comes right at you. He throws a lot of punches, hard punches, and breaks you down with his will. I have will as well.”

Mosley acknowledged that Cotto controlled much his fight against Margarito. However, he fell short because he had become accustomed to breaking down his opponents but couldn’t cope when it happened to him.

Cotto, badly beaten, quit after the 10th round.

“I think his whole career he was used to going forward, walking guys down,” said Mosley, who was narrowly outpointed by Cotto in 2007. “For someone to do the same to him, I think rattled him a little bit in the later rounds. He was getting hit with shots and just couldn’t take the pressure.

“I think being in the ring with Margarito, knowing what happened, it might be different the next time (they meet).”

No end in sight: At 37 years old, Mosley has to have thought about retirement, right? Nope.

The Las Vegas resident said he plans to fight four or five more years.

“I feel great now,” he said. “ÔǪ If I’m feeling like this for my fights, the way I feel right now, I can go on.”

He was asked whether Bernard Hopkins longevity has affected his outlook. Hopkins, who turned 44 on Thursday, remains a light heavyweight contender.

“No, that hasn’t crossed my mind,” he said. “It’s the way I feel. Everybody is different. Bernard is different. Oscar (De La Hoya) is different. Everyone feels a different way. Fernando Vargas is barely 30 and he’s retired. His body just doesn’t feel good any more.

“You have to feel good when you get into the ring. When you’re not feeling good, you can’t do it.”