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THE RING knows its readers have compelling opinions. Let’s hear ’em. And please move quickly. It’s first come, first served.

Take a minute to give us your take on anything about which you have a strong and clear opinion and it could be published in THE RING Magazine. There is a lot going on — the upcoming Anthony Joshua-Wladimir Klitschko fight, talk of a Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Connor McGregor showdown, the announcement of Canelo Alvarez-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Leo Santa Cruz’s victory over Carl Frampton in their rematch and much more.

This is important: Please focus on just one subject or your letter won’t be published. And make sure you’re email doesn’t exceed 200 words. The letters that are most concise are more likely to be published. And please keep it civil.

Just email us at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Chris Stans

    I predict an influx of Canelo/Golden Boy themed hate mail

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    • marcia.moeller

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  • ceylon mooney

    huh? they get it constantly. just read the comments sections.

  • oswaldo moreno

    a lot of GGG haters coming out the closet shooting BOMBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ceylon mooney

      boxingscene forum has a lotta folks whinin about golovkin. didnt know he had such a camp of haters.

      • Robert Archambault

        Look at any American based boxing forum and you will find the same. Boxingnews24 is even worse than boxingscene with the Golovkin hate.


          They are racists, monsieur!

          • Robert Archambault

            Keyboard bigots. None of them would have the balls to make the same posts under their real name.

          • Barley mcgrew

            No those you speak of well. Morons. Kudos.

  • Barley mcgrew

    The ‘Ring’ wants my opinion ?

    Trump is a moron.

    • ceylon mooney

      barely, thats just a theory–u know, like gravity?

      • Barley mcgrew

        Lol. Indeed. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – as they say. And from where I am coming – Trump gets less and less attractive a person by the day. Just my opinion of course. Kudos.

        • maxx

          By the hour I say lol.Kudos pal.

      • maxx

        Gravity is a fact, some of its explanations are theories.Kudos pal

        • ceylon mooney

          no but i knkw what u mean.

          gravity is a phenomenon. there are a few theories explaining gravity.

          “gravity is a theory” is a

          near the earths surface, its measured as a vector quantify, is a force of consrant accelleration -4.8 m/s^2 acting on a mass.


          • maxx

            It is an observable fact.Kudos.

          • ceylon mooney


            lots of things arent facts. a person is not a fact. a website is not a fact. gravity is not a fact. its real.

            but u you could establish its effect on objects as
            fact, its existence too.

            eleventeen kudos

          • maxx

            Semantics aside, let us just agree to disagree.Kudos

    • Don Trump Triumphant

      What does that have to do with boxing? Looks like you are the moron for being irrelevant.

      • Barley mcgrew

        It’s called a having a sense of humour – Mr. ‘Donald Trump Triumphant’ And tis’ that a self-upvote I see there ? – as much a stranger as Trump to humility you appear to be.

        • maxx

          It is clear this “Don Trump Triumphant” Trumpkin has no sense of humour lol.Kudos pal

      • ceylon mooney

        YOURE FIRED!

    • maxx


      • Barley mcgrew

        Note the poster above (‘Donald Trump Triumphant’.Now blocked) – who took me to task for insulting his hero on a boxing website ? (was Trump not once connected to boxing ?).

        The Donald sure does still have his supporters – although even Shepard Smith (Fox News) has started to question Trump’s endless contradictory statements now. Give it time – even that channel will loathe him. Kudos mate.

        • maxx

          Indeed Trump Plaza did host boxing bouts, so I imagine he had a lot of dealings with his pal KIng and enemy Arum,,,,,,,I suspect even Fox news will turn against him due to his childish antics, the only exception will be Breitbart.Kudos pal.

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