Gennady Golovkin TKO 3 Daniel Geale live round-by-round updates

Jul has a live round-by-round update of Saturday’s WBA middleweight title bout during which beltholder Gennady Golovkin scored knockdowns in each of the second and final rounds of a third-round technical knockout over Daniel Geale at New York’s Madison Square Garden on HBO.

Golovkin (30-0, 27 knockouts) came up with his 17th straight knockout victory against Geale (30-3, 16 KOs), a former 160-pound titleholder. Golovkin out-landed Geale, 56-to-40, although each of the boxers landed 33 power punches.

Referee Mark Ortega waved an end to the bout at the 2:47 mark.


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The HBO broadcast will begin at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Golovkin vs. Geale

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Referee: Mike Ortega

Judges: Julie Lederman, Don Trella, John McKaie

Fighters are in the arena, Geale first, then, Golovkin, the latter to the cheers of fans partisan to him.


Round 1: Golovkin double jabs. Two hard jabs by Golovkin. Right to the body by Geale. Jab by Geal. Jab and uppercut by Geale after a couple of uppercuts landed. They trade jabs, but Golovkin’s is noticeably harder. They trade rights. Left uppercut and overhand right by Geale. Hard right by Golovkin and another. Left hook by Golovkin and two more jabs. Geale clinches. Right, left, right left by Geale. Geale down from a slip. Triple and quadruple jab by Golovkin and a four-punch combination on the ropes. Right by Geale and a left. Left and clinch by Geale. Jab by Golovkin. Golovkin, 10-9. [HBO’s Jim Lampley says that round lasted four minutes]


Round 2: Geale is already bleeding over his right eye. Golovkin’s jab, right, left jab, right hand. GEALE DOWN FROM A RIGHT TO THE EAR. He’s up at the count of eight. Golovkin’s back to the jab, Geale offering more movement. Geale’s game, outhustling and landing Golovkin for a time. Two hooks by Golovkin. Right to the head by Golovkin. Right to the head and an uppercut by Geale. Left hook by Geale. Right to the head, left to the body by Golovkin. Lead right by Golovkin. Another by Golovkin. They trade left hooks, and then, a hook and a right by Golovkin. Hard right drives Geale into the ropes. Double-jab by Golovkin. Golovkin, 10-8; Golovkin, 20-17


Round 3: Lederman has it for Golovkin, 20-17. Golovkin pursuing a moving Geale, missing early. Left by Geale and a clinch. Right by Golovkin. Left by Golovkin abnd a right and a left. Right left by Golovkin as Geale escapes the corner. Solid right to the body by Geale. Golovkin timing his right hand behind his jab. Right by Golovkin to the head. Jab and right hand by Golovkin. Missed right hand by Geale, right and left and righty land by Golovkin. HARD RIGHT DROPS GEALE TO HIS BACK AFTER A LEFT TO THE BODY. REFEREE MARK ORTEGA WAVES OFF THE FIGHT.