Q&A: Gilberto Ramirez


July 19, 2014: Gilberto Ramirez leaves a fallen Junior Talipeau behind on his way to a first-round stoppage in Macau. Photo by Chris Farina/Top Rank.

July 19, 2014: Gilberto Ramirez leaves a fallen Junior Talipeau behind on his way to a first-round stoppage in Macau. Photo by Chris Farina/Top Rank.

Gilberto Ramirez served notice to the super middleweight division with an impressive first-round stoppage over Junior Talipeau on July 19 at the grandiose Cotai Arena in Macau.

Ramirez got off to a fast start, dropping Talipau three times in less than two minutes to score an emphatic win. (See a video of the fight here.)

The fight took place on HBO, something the 23-year old Mexican certainly capitalized on.

“It was a good opportunity to participate on a HBO card,” Ramirez told from Macau a few hours after his win. “It was my opportunity to prove myself to the network.”

It was the third fight of 2014 for Ramirez, who, at 6 foot 2 inches, outgrew the middleweight division and officially stepped up to 168 pounds earlier this year.

It’s still early, but Ramirez craves a fight with fellow Sinaloa, Mexico, native Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Whether or not that happens, with performances like the one in Macau a meeting with a top 168-pounder may not be far away.

Anson Wainwright – What are your thoughts after the Junior Talipeau fight?

Gilberto Ramirez – I believe it was a good fight. He had a good record and came to win to be in the top 10 of the rankings, but I prepared really well and was sure I was gonna win. I prepared really well for Talipeau. I felt strong and with speed. I was prepared for 10 rounds. Top Rank is very happy with us, we’re gonna sit with them and talk to see what is next.

AW – What are your thoughts on fighting in Macau?

GR – It was a good opportunity to participate on a HBO card. It was my opportunity to prove myself to the network. Macau is becoming a great market nowadays for boxing. So I’m very excited.

AW – Can you tell us a little about the trip?

GR – The trip was a little long but it worth it. Macau is a very nice place, looks like Las Vegas but better people. They’re very nice and humble. I really like how they are, they look like Mexicans the way they treat me.

AW – You made your 168-pound debut earlier this year with a fifth-round stoppage over Giovanni Lorenzo.

GR – I prepared 100 percent in that fight like always, I gained good experience and I was very confident of my power punches. It was a good learning [experience] for me.

AW – Over the past year you’ve had several training camps in America. How has that been?

GR – It has been a good experience and [a] learning one for me, totally different than the gyms in Mexico because of the good sparring sessions here. I’ve been sparring different styles and that makes me more secure in the ring.

AW – How do you feel this has helped develop you as a fighter?

GR – Yes, it really helped my development as a fighter as I’m becoming stronger and sharper.

AW – Though you have fought above 160 pounds before, the Lorenzo fight was your first official one as a super middleweight. How did stepping up in weight help you?

GR – I felt great. Stronger and faster.

AW – What are your thoughts on the super middleweight division?

GR – I believe all of them are great fighters and with talent. I would love to fight all of them.

AW – A fight with your countryman Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. would be a big fight. Is it a fight you’d like?

GR – Yes, I would love to fight J.C. Ch
avez Jr., it is one of my dream fights. He is a great fighter, his career is wonderful. It would be a helluva fight for both of us and the Mexican and Sinaloense people. (Sinoloa is the Mexican state where Ramirez and Chavez Jr. come from)

AW – What goals do you have in boxing?

GR – I would love to be a world champion in 168 pounds and 175 pounds. I want to make history in boxing.

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  • Barney 5

    Interesting, this boxer not talking about Ward, the champ. Not sure why Ward is not fighting? Like to see this boxer or Chavez Jr. fight Ward. Chavez Jr. and Sergio a great fight, with Chavez almost getting the win late in the fight. I miss Friday nite fights, watching the matches with Dad, those days , no pay per view, free to watch , with the greats. A case can be made that Clay had a few draws…Oscar B.,……Chuck Wepner was one mean dude, some of the punches were to the back of Clay’s head yet ref never made the call, Clay at the end of fight threw some great punches…no need for fighters to fight in the heat…Ali vs Frazier,,,,this just slows the fighters down and effects health later……