Muhammad Ali wants to see Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Manny Pacquiao


The former undisputed heavyweight champion who once considered himself to be "The Greatest" has joined the legion of boxing fans who want to see RING number one-rated pound-for-pound fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr. face eight-division titlewinner Manny Pacquiao, according to Muhammad Ali's Twitter account.

In the aftermath of Mayweather's majority decision on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas that added Marcos Maidana's WBA welterweight title to the RING and WBC championships Mayweather already holds, Ali made a formal request of the unbeaten boxer to face Pacquiao.

"Congratulations @FloydMayweather," read the tweet from Ali. "Maybe after you rest up we can see you rumble with @MannyPacquiao! #AliTweet"

Last month, former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis called for Showtime, Mayweather, HBO and Pacquiao to get together and make the mega-fight happen.

Weighing in on his own Twitter account, Lewis compared the Mayweather-Pacquiao situation to the network rift that kept fans from seeing a showdown with Mike Tyson but was eventually resolved, paving the way for his eighth-round knockout victory in June 2002. Lewis and Tyson were affiliated with HBO and Showtime, respectively, at the time.

"There was all the same political BS going on when I wanted to fight @MikeTyson I said make it happen and HBO & Showtime did," stated Lewis. "If HBO and Showtime can get together for #LewisTysonIsOn and make the biggest fight in history at that time, MayPac can also happen."

Lewis addressed Mayweather again on his Twitter after the victory over Maidana.

"I had Floyd winning fight, but thought it was close," wrote Lewis on his Twitter account. "If I go back and re-watch, that might change. Was just a spectator last nite enjoying."

The subject of facing Mayweather greeted both Top Rank Promotions CEO Bob Arum and Pacquiao during their post-fight press conference at the MGM Grand after Pacquiao dethroned Tim Bradley, regaining the WBO welterweight belt he lost by disputed split decision to Bradley in June 2012.

Showtime Sports boss Stephen Espinoza addressed the issue with, appearing to say that if Mayweather-Pacquiao happens, it wlll have to take place on Showtime Pay-Per-View.

"There's one huge difference. Lennox Lewis had an exclusive contract with HBO," said Espinoza. "There's no reason that HBO should be part of a Floyd versus Manny fight when HBO didn't even bother to sign Manny to an exclusive contract."

Pacquiao's advisor, Michael Koncz confirmed to that Pacquiao is not contractually bound to HBO.

"We're free agents," said Koncz. "We do not have a contract with any network. We're free agents."

Past negotiations between Mayweather and Pacquiao have failed over issues involving drug testing and money.

In addition, Mayweather has said that he "will never do business" with Arum.

Meanwhile, Golden Boy Promotions President Oscar De la Hoya, who was ringside for Mayweather-Maidana, took a shot at the winner, who defeated De la Hoya for the WBC's 154-pound belt by split-decision in May 2007.

"I watched several fights again and Floyd should be 43-3 have a great Sunday…You have to realize that records don't mean anything in today's world. Don't forget juliocesar Chavez was 87-0 before he lost his first," De La Hoya wrote on his Twitter, in part.

"You never ever here (sic) Julio Cesar Chavez saying he's the best ever, and he was 87-0 before he lost. Please don't forget that I had a rematch clause for 1 year and [Mayweather] decided to retire for 1 year and 1 day."