Marcos Maidana on Floyd Mayweather Jr.: ‘I don’t give a f–k about him’


LAS VEGAS — Marcos Maidana wore dark shades, a glittering black suit and a bowtie as he stepped to the podium for the final press conference at the Hollywood Theater of the MGM Grand, site of Saturday's defense of his WBA belt against RING and WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Showtime Pay Per View.

A hard-hitting 30-year-old from Argentina, Maidana (35-3, 31 knockouts) may have looked clean, but he talked dirty, to the delight of those in attendance.

"Nobody's given anything to me. The opportunity, I've earned this myself. I know that this is going to be a very difficult fight, and that's why I've trained like never before," said Maidana, through translation by trainer Robert Garcia.

"Mayweather, like everybody knows, he's an excellent fighter and a very difficult fighter, but like they say, [in Spanish,] Me Vale Madre, [which means] I don't give a f–k about him."

Maidana will be after his fourth consecutive victory since falling by unanimous decision to southpaw Devon Alexander in his 147-pound debut in February 2012.

Maidana had scored three consecutive stoppage wins heading into his last fight in December, when he unanimously decision previously unbeaten Adrien Broner, dropping him in the second and eighth rounds for his current belt.

Although Mayweather did not dismiss Maidana's effort against Broner, the 37-year-old provided some perspective to reporters who gathered around for one-on-one interviews when the press conference had ended.

"Adrien is a blown up lightweight. He's fighting a solid welterweight in myself. I think that we'll be in a little bit different situation. Sometimes, guys can give it, but can they take it. We saw him fight Victor Ortiz, and he got hit on the chin and went down. But you have never seen me hit the canvas, and I've been hit by some of the biggest punchers in the sport," said Mayweather.

"Of course, it's a sport where you are going to get hit. I may wobble a little bit, and I may get hit with a good shot on the temple, but I prepare myself for any style…It's going to be totally different, and I think styles make fights. I'm looking to win, and I'm looking to win, very, very impressively. He's going to be coming straight ahead, and we'll see how the fight plays out…Sometimes, when guys get to a certain level, they fold under pressure, so we'll see how the fight plays out come Saturday."

Earlier, during his turn at the podium, Mayweather said "So we're still wondering who is going to solve the MayVinci Code."

"No one has solved the MayVinci code. Everybody's gameplan is to just come straight ahead, keep pressure, hit him on the leg, hit him on the hip. Hit him with a low blow. Headbutt him. I still find a way to win," said Mayweather.

"They say, 'Well, this guy right here, he's super fast. I still find a way to win. 'This guy's got a good left hook,' or, 'This guy's got a good right hand,' or, 'This guy goes to the body good.' I still find a way to win. 'This guy's got good defense,' or, 'This guy's got the best jab,' or, 'This guy's can throw combinations' I still find a way to win. Saturday, I'll find a way to win."