Bernard Hopkins SD 12 Beibut Shumenov live round-by-round update


WASHINGTON, D.C. — has a live round-by-round update on tonight's light heavyweight clash during which IBF titleholder Bernard Hopkins dethroned WBA beltholder Beibut Shumenov by split-decision, dropping him in the 11th round at The D.C. Armory in Washington, D.C.

A 49-year-old who already is the oldest man to win a major boxing title, Hopkins (55-6-2, 32 KOs) is also became the eldest fighter to unify a pair of titles against Shumenov (14-2, 9 KOs), a 30-year-old 2004 Kazakhstan Olympian living in Las Vegas.

The Showtime broadcast begins at 9:30 p.m. ET/6:30 p.m. PT

Hopkins vs. Shumenov

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Referee: Earl Brown

Judges: Jerry Roth and Dave Moretti had it for Hopkins, 116-111, with Gustavo Padilla having it for Shumenov, 114-113.

Hopkins enters wearing a green Alien mask to "2001 Space Odyssey," wearing a red and gold robe with "The Alien" in gold letters on the back. Redskins' colors.

Shumenov has a core of fans to the left of press row. 


1. And, we're in the first round. Small group of Shumenov fans chanting "Beibut." They're at ring-center. Jab to the body by Shumenov. Jab to the head by Hopkins. Jab to the body by Shumenov after a missed left hook. Jab to the body by Shumenov and another. Posing. Jab by Shumenov and a left and right to the head. Grazing punches. Jab to the body by Shumenov. Another jab to the chest by Shumenov. Right by Hopkins. Grazing. Body jab by Shumenov. Hopkins circling. Jab to the head for Shumenov. Grazing. Shumenov, 10-9


2.  Hook by Shumenov and a right hand. Hopkins counters with a right of his own during a clinch. Jab-hook by Shumenov. Whiffed haymaker right by Hopkins. Short hook by Shumenov and a right by Hopkins. Another hook by Shumenov. Right to the body by Shumenov. Right during a clinch by Hopkins. Right by Hopkins over the Shumenov left. Jab and a right by Hopkins, who took one also from Shumenov. Shumenov, 10-9; Shumenov, 20-18.


3. Fighters at ring-center. Posing. Hopkins circles and Shumenov lands a left but misses a right. Right by Hopkins lands cleanly. Two jabs by Shumenov. Double-jab by Hopkins. Jab and a right by Hopkins. Left by Shumenov. Right to the body by Shumenov, and a hard right by Hopkins. Left by Shumenov, three jabs to the body by Hopkins and a hard jab to Shumenov's heasd. Jab and a right by Hopkins. Jab by Shumenov lands. Good up-jab by Hopkins, who is starting to get into it. Solid left uppercut by Hopkins. Hopkins, 10-9; Shumenov, 29-28


4. Solid right hand by Hopkins over the jab and another jab. Left and a right by Hopkins during an exchange, and Shumenov misses. Solid right uppercut by Hopkins and a clinch. Jab to the chest and a follow up right by Hopkins and another fight by Hopkins and still another. Four straight. Shumenov geting anxious for some get-back. Jab to the head by Hopkins, who mugs Shumenov in a corner. Another Hopkins right and a clinch. Round-stealing, momentum-stealing maneuvers. Hopkins, 10-9; Even, 38-38


5. Right and then a clubbing left by Hopkins. Shumenov is a willing partner in this dance. Left by Shumenov. Grazing. Three lefts to the head by Hopkins and a clinch. Jab by Shumenov. Jab to the chest by Hopkins. They trade jabs. Head-swiveling right hand by Hopkins. Beautiful. Jab to the body by Hopkins. They trade jabs, and then Hopkins lands two right hands. Shumenov lunges and misses and takes a jab and a right hand for his trouble. Hopkins, 10-9; Hopkins, 48-47.


6. Shumenov's fans have been muted by the change in momentum. Two jabs and a right hand by Hopkins. Basic boxing. They trade left hooks. They trade jabs. Hopkins starts to move forward. Shumenov lands a left hook and a jab. Jab by Hopkins. Jab to the body by Hopkins. Right by Hopkins and another right that followed a left. Crowd loves it. Shumenov can't hit Hopkins with his load up right hand. Misses three times. Jab to the body by Hopkins. Hopkins, 10-9; Hopkins, 58-56


7. Right and a left to start by Hopkins, who takes a short left by Shumenov. Right by Shumenov. Grazing. Jab by Hopkins. Thudding jab by Hopkins and another. Stepping into it. Another clean jab that forces Shumenov to clinch. Right by Hopkins. Shumenov misses. Three jabs by Hopkins. Two more clean jabs by Hopkins. Hook by Shumenov. Jab by Hopkins as Shumenov continues unwillingly to follow the script. Hopkins, 10-9, Hopkins 68-65


8. Straight right early by Hopkins. Two jabs by Hopkins and a right by Shumenov. Counter-left by Hopkins over Shumenov's right. Counter right and left by Hopkins. Thudding left hook by Hopkins, and then, another and another. Right hand by Hopkins. Shumenov comes back with a grazing one. Jab and a right hand by Hopkins. Two jabs by Hopkins. Four jabs by Hopkins, who closes with a right to punctuate and pocket yet another round. Hopkins, 10-9; Hopkins, 78-74.

9. Solid left by Shumenov is answered by Hopkins, who had earlier landed a jab to start off the round. Right by Hopkins. Shumenov can not land to the head. Mostly to the arms. Shumenov getting desperate. Jab and left hook by Hopkins. Jab by Shumenov, hook by Hopkins. Leaping left hook and then another both by Hopkins. Hopkins sticks out his tongue at Shumenov. Jab by Shumenov. Right and two follow up jabs by Hopkins. Boxing lesson. Hopkins, 10-9; Hopkins, 88-83.


10. Getting close to the point where Shumenov has to just go for it. Right by Hopkins over the jab. Right hand by Shumenov. Right, left, right by Hopkins. Another right by Hopkins all after flailing misses by Shumenov. Right by Shumenov. Another. Jab by Shumenov. Hook by Shumenov. Right by Hopkins and two left hooks to the body inside by Hopkins. Left by Hopkins after each connect at the same time. Double-jab and a grazing right by Hopkins. Right by Hopkins after two misses by Shumenov. Jab by Hopkins. Class is in session. Hopkins, 10-9; Hopkins, 98-92.


11. They trade jabs early. Hopkins starts to move foward, but lands a right and retreats. They trade jabs. Left hook and a right TO THE TEMPLE. SHUMENOV DOWN WITH A HARD RIGHT, HIS NEE TOUCHES!!! Referee Earl Brown delivers the count. THAT SHOT WAS CLEAN AS A WHISTLE. Another fight and a left from Hopkins. CROWD CHANTING B-HOP!!! Left hook by Hopkins. He's having fun. Hopkins waves Shumeov in with his left hand. Right by Shumenov. Counter-left by Hopkins. Hopkins, 10-8; Hopkins, 108-100

12.  Hopkins delivers two solid rights early. In a corner, Hopkins beckons Shumenov to come forward. Right hand and a lef and a right all by Hopkins. Shumenov is stunned. Crowd chanting B-HOP again. Leaping left hook by Hopkins. Shumenov tries with a left but has no answer. Left hook by Hopkins. Shumenov is lost. Right uppercut and a left hook by Hopkins. Right and a double-left hook by Hopkins. Left hook by Hopkins. Hopkins, 10-9; Hopkins, 118-109.