Oscar De La Hoya: ‘Golden Boy is stronger than ever’


Golden Boy President Oscar De La Hoya dismissed the notion of in-fighting between himself and company CEO Richard Schaefer during a conference call with media members on Wednesday, and also appeared to leave open the potential for working with Top Rank CEO Bob Arum, with whom De La Hoya began his professional career.

De La Hoya spoke during a call touting a May 3 clash between RING 147-pound champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Marcos Maidana at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas that will be televised on Showtime Pay Per View.

"Golden Boy is stronger than ever, Golden Boy is better than ever," said De La Hoya. "We're going to keep moving forward."

Schaefer was informed of De La Hoya's comments by while in route to the airport for Saturday's Showtime-televised tripleheader at The D.C. Armory headlined by IBF light heavyweight titleholder Bernard Hopkins and Beibut Shumenov.

"I am on my way to the airport to fly out for a world championship tripleheader. These are the kinds of fights that we're putting on. We have a lot of good fights coming up this weekend, and the weekend after that," said Schaefer.

"Golden Boy was the leader and is the leader in the sport of boxing, and I'm very proud of the fights that I am making. I'm proud of the cards that I am putting together and the opportunities that I am giving the fighters, so, there was never a time when we were weak. There was never a time when we weren't strong. So I am here to do a job, and I am doing my job as the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions."

De La Hoya's response followed up a tirade by Arum this past Saturday in Las Vegas, when the 82-year-old promoter ripped Mayweather and the MGM Grand for what he called the "thug mentality" of advertising Mayweather-Maidana during the week of the Manny Pacquiao-Tim Bradley HBO Pay Per View event that was held at the hotel/casino.

"I've never had a problem with Bob Arum. I have to appreciate what he did for my career. Me, personally, I have no problem whatsoever with Bob. You never know," said De La Hoya. "You never know what can happen in the near future. As far I know, Bob has no problem with me, and I have no problem with him. That's the bottom line. In boxing, you never know what can happen."

But Schaefer had a different view on Arum.

"Personally, I do have a problem with Bob Arum, and nothing has changed as it relates to my position. I have no intention of working with Top Rank or with Bob Arum. Too much has happened and I have no interest in ever working with him again," said Schaefer.

"As it relates to Oscar… Oscar has talked a lot of s__t about Arum, and Arum has talked a lot of s__t about Oscar. But, if, at this point Oscar wants to forgive, then I am happy for those two that they can make up. But I have no intentions of working with Top Rank or Bob Arum."

Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, also addressed Arum's comments, which included calling for fans to boycott Mayweather-Maidana as a walk-over for Mayweather.

"I didn't think about it one bit. I don't think about a damn thing that Bob Arum says. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. We're doing our thing and they're doing their thing, and we wish them the best," said Ellerbe.

"We don't have nothing bad to say about anybody. We're looking forward to our great event on May 3, and we're going to be in a sold out-arena and a big, big event on pay per view."