Lukas Konecny: experience, style and defense will beat Peter Quillin

Lukas Konecny v Moez Fhima - WBO Middleweight European Championship

Lukas Konecny (L) fighting for the European middleweight title against Moez Fhima on July 13, 2013. Photo by Jens Schlueter/Getty Images.


Middleweight Lukas Konecny acknowledges that WBO titleholder Peter Quillin is fast, "a good boxer" and "a good fighter," and "can put on good moves." But Konecny's scouting report also found that Quillin's "defense is not the best."

"I mean that I can beat him," said Konecny, a 35-year-old contender from the Czech Republic. "I think that I have good defense and I make pressure. I can make pressure for all 12 rounds. In my career, I didn't get stopped before the time limit, so I am hard to beat."

Konecny (50-4, 23 knockouts) will make his American debut against Quillin (30-0, 22 KOs) on April 19 in Wasington, D.C., as the Showtime co-feature to a 175-pound unification bout between IBF titleholder Bernard Hopkins and WBA counterpart Beibut Shumenov

"Before every fight, I've had big trouble with my weight, but this time, everything's okay. My weight was already okay for a few days. So I hope that everything will be okay. Sparring is going very well. I hope that I can bring a great, great fight to Washington, D.C.," said Konecny, who will be after his third straight win since falling by unanimous decision to Zaurbek Baysangurov in 2012.

"I know that he's taller than me and he has a good punch and he's got good skills. He's more experienced, but not with the same style as I am. I have over 250 amateur fights, and over 50 professional fights. So I didn't meet the same style as Peter has, but he has the same problem as I do, because he didn't fight with the same style as I am, and I think that I can surprise him."

Quillin has made it a point that he is after what would be his 13th knockdown in five fights, if not a stoppage win.

"Nothing is possible without looking good in this fight, and winning spectacularly to make sure that people consider me among the best in the world," said Quillin.

"I can look at any fighter and say that they're dangerous. I don't really know too much about Lukas. I just know that I've seen some videos of him and he seems very determined. He applies a lot of pressure. I have to just focus on what he's going to bring. I'm looking for a spectacular victory.

"He says that he has 250 amateur fights and over 50 professional fights. I only had 15 amateur fights and I have had 30 professional fights, but I think that's special within itself to say that I'm now competing at a world class level against guys with tons of amateur experience and tons of pro experience."

In succession, Quillin floored Winky Wright once during a unanimous decision in June 2012, dropped Hassan N'Dam six times during a unanimous decision for the belt in October of that year, scored four knockdowns in a seventh-round knockout of Fernando Guerrero last April, and one more in during a 10th-round stoppage of Gabriel Rosado in October.

"Being one of the first guys to ever put Winky Wright on the canvas, I think that I have a lot to show for my hard work and my dedication," said Quillin. "What's special is that a lot of guys think that they see flaws in me, but once they step into the ring with me, it's totally different than what they expect. That goes for Hassan N'Dam, and Gabriel Rosado and Fernando Guerrero. All of these guys had more experience and went into the fight saying that they could beat me. But they didn't."