Tim Bradley being double drug-tested for Manny Pacquiao fight


Tim Bradley said that he is enrolled in random drug testing by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) for the third straight fight in advance of his April 12 rematch with Manny Pacquiao because the WBO welterweight titleholder wants to prove to that he is "a clean fighter."

The 30-year-old Bradley (31-0, 12 knockouts) had his blood and urine randomly tested by VADA for his unanimous decision victory over Ruslan Provodnikov in March 2013, as was Provodnikov. He also used VADA for his split-decision over Juan Manuel Marquez in October.

The VADA testing is separate from that which Bradley and Pacquiao will endure under the auspices of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which was announced by NSAC chairman Francisco Aguilar last month.

"Just to clear things up, Manny didn't care what testing we were doing. He was willing to do VADA or WADA, so there was no argument as far as the testing goes," said Bradley.

"I just chose to do the VADA testing to stick by what I have tried to and set out to do, and that's to clean up the sport and make sure that a lot of these guys are getting tested."

Under the NSAC testing, which Marquez participated in as well, Bradley and Pacquiao will endure unannounced tests up to and including the day of their clash, which is a rematch of Bradley's split-decision over Pacquiao in June 2012.

"The NSAC decided they didn't want to do VADA representing us. They wanted to do the same that we did in the Marquez fight, WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency] which was very successful in that fight," said Bradley.

"So they wanted to stick with it and not mess around with VADA. I am doing double-testing just to prove to everybody that I am a clean fighter and am willing to do whatever with hard work and dedication, which is how I got to this position."

According to an early report by, Bradley is paying for the VADA testing himself, while Top Rank CEO Bob Arum is funding the NSAC testing at a cost of $35,000.

Note, from Margaret Goodman, president and founder of VADA: "I know the testing process can be a bit confusing, but WADA does not conduct testing.

WADA oversees many anti-doping agencies and laboratories, but no boxing commissions at this time. Perhaps one day that will change. 

I believe the NV commission is using a WADA-accredited lab (Utah) and VADA uses the UCLA WADA-accredited lab. But WADA is not overseeing this fight."