Pacquiao: Bradley Will Get the Man who Stopped De la Hoya, Hatton


The following are training camp notes for Manny Pacquiao in advance of his April 12 rematch with WBO welterweight titleholder Tim Bradley, who dethroned Pacquiao by split decision in June 2012.

The notes were taken from a press release distributed by HBO on behalf of Top Rank Inc. in advance of Bradley-Pacquiao II, which will be shown on HBO Pay-Per-View from the MGM Grand.

During two fights over the course of 2012, Pacquiao lost to Bradley before falling by sixth-round knockout in December of that year to Juan Manuel Marquez, against whom Pacquiao is 2-1-1.

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Pacquiao won his most recent fight in November by unanimous decision over Brandon Rios.

In his past two fights, Bradley rose from a 12th-round knockdown to unanimously decision Ruslan Provodnikov in March 2013 and then won a split-decision over Marquez in October.

The WBO has declared that the winner of Bradley-Pacquiao II must face that between Marquez and Mike Alvarado, who will fight on May 17.

Question for Pacquiao: The perception is that you sacrificed punching power against Rios in favor of speed in order to outbox him. How much did the result of the Marquez fight impact your strategy against Rios? What will be your strategy against Bradley?

Pacquiao: I was very happy with my performance against Brandon Rios. Speed has always been a major weapon for me and I used it throughout the fight against Rios for one simple reason: it was working. The power is still there and I used it effectively against Rios to keep him off balance.

Freddie and I came up with the game plan to mix things up against Rios. I would utilize my speed and foot movement in boxing him to keep him off balance, then when he would come in out of frustration, I would land the power punches.

The one thing I learned from my fight against Marquez was patience. When I had him teetering, I became reckless and went in to finish him. I was careless and he landed the perfect punch. That was learning a lesson the hard way but I learned it. I still have the killer instinct.

I am not afraid to use my power and go for the knockout but I will remember the lesson I learned from my last fight with Marquez. Knockouts need to come naturally; you should not force them. But Freddie likes knockouts and I like to make Freddie happy.

I won at least 10 rounds against Tim Bradley the first time we fought. I intend to win all the rounds against him this time regardless of the length of the fight. He said I have lost my hunger and that my time is over.

Everything I am doing in training camp is aimed at proving to him just how wrong he is. I have all the respect for Bradley and what he has accomplished but I have no fear of him. He has inspired me to exceed my previous performances inside the ring.

If Bradley wants to meet the fighter who stopped Oscar De la Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera, he's going to get his wish on April 12.