Exclusive: Alfredo Angulo defiant after TKO loss to Canelo Alvarez


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Alfredo Angulo remained defiant nearly 24 hours after Saturday night's 10th-round stoppage loss Canelo Alvarez at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas during an exclusive interview with on Sunday.

Angulo called referee Tony Weeks' stopping the fight 47 seconds into the 10th round a "disgrace."

"We were giving the fans a great show, and then, by disgrace, and by my disillusionment, Tony Weeks did a bad job in stopping the fight for the fans," Angulo said through translation by Lucy Haro.

"For me, Tony Weeks gave away his whole bit of history and his reputation as a just boxing referee. I had so much respect for Tony Weeks as a referee, but that finished yesterday."

Angulo and his manager, Michael Miller, said that a post-fight CAT scan at the nearby University Medical Center of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas revealed no serious damage despite the severe and grotesque swelling above and below each of his eyes.

"I want my fans not to worrry. I am perfectly fine and well. There was nothing wrong with me, and there was nothing that could have prevented me from going to the post-fight press conference," said Angulo, who said he received two stitches over his left eye.

"Except for being forced to go to the hospital and to miss the press conference, I was fine. I believe that was to make it seem as if Canelo sent me to the hospital. They didn't want me at the press conference. The commissioners all wanted me to leave and everyone else did."

But Weeks defended his actions during an interview on Sunday with

"I have absolutely no reservations on what I did last night. Given the past and recent tragedies in boxing, we have an obligation to protect these fighters as best we can. We're not God, and we don't know what's going on in these guy's heads and what's going in their brains or what is happening to them, physically. Neurologically, we don't know what's occurring in their heads. So we have to base our decisions on what we see occurring on the outside," said Weeks, in part. 

"From what I saw, from Round 1, starting with the first punch, and throughout the fight until the last punch, Canelo was landing some tremendously hard shots. And let me say this: Angulo is a true champion and a true warrior, and I have no problems in him being angry with me. He has that right, because he's a fighter and he's in there. But I have to absolutely do the job that I was assigned to do. And that's to protect a fighter from himself. Those types of fights are very difficult for a referee, and what I mean is that you have a fight where a guy is taking punishment, but he's fighting back, but there is nothing on his punches."

Miller said, "I can see both sides," adding, "I understand that the commission is going to try to protect the fighters as best as it can.

"Could he have been maybe given an eight-count to make sure that he was alright? I don't know. Maybe that would have been more appropriate," Miller continued.

"But I'm not going to say that. Am I disappointed for Alfredo? Yeah. Do I understand why it was done? I do. There's nothing more that I can say. That's it. The fight's over and lets move on."

Alvarez (43-1-1, 31 knockouts) was coming off a majority-decision loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in September, while Angulo (22-4, 18 KOs) was last in the ring for a 10th-round stoppage loss to Erislandy Lara in June.

Alvarez had an overall advantage in total punches (295-to-104), power shots (117-to-78) and jabs (98-to-26) against Angulo, who seemed less effective both in cutting off the ring and landing damaging blows as he had against Lara.

"It took me a little bit longer to warm up, but from the fifth to the sixth round and thereafter, I was starting to get my groove on," said Angulo.

"Everybody knows that I always close strongly in my fights at the end. My best rounds are the last rounds. That's when I'm the strongest. I start slow and I build myself up as the fight goes on. I get stronger."

Angulo has lost three of his past five fights. The loss to Lara ended a two-bout winning streak for Angulo since being knocked out by James Kirkland in November 2011.

Angulo, 31, rode a streak of five straight knockout victories into his clash with Kirkland, his only loss at the time being a unanimous decision favoring Cintron in May 2009.

"We're going to get together, Virgil and myself and Lucy and Alfredo and Golden Boy, and we'll talk," said Miller. "Alfredo has had some good battles here, lately, and we'll sit down and we'll figure out where we'll go from here. We're positive. He's got some good days ahead of him."