Orlando Salido SD 12 Vasyl Lomachenko live round-by-round updates

Mar has a live round-by-round update of tonight's featherweight bout during which Orlando Salido won by split-decision over Vasyl Lomachenko in a bout that took place on the undercard of a 168-pound bout between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Bryan Vera on HBO from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

Salido (41-12-2, 28 knockouts) failed to failed to make the 126-pound weigh-in limit, losing his WBO belt at the scales as well as $15,000 of his purse to Lomachenko.

As a result, the title has become vacant, even as Lomachenko was eligible to win it if he was victorious.

Salido came in at an overweight 128.25 pounds compared to 125.5 for Lomachenko, and they re-hydrated to 147-, and, 136-pounds, respectively. 

A three-time beltwinner, Salido had already declared that Lomachenko represented his final fight at 126 pounds. Lomachenko had said that he wanted to make history by becoming a titleholder in what was being billed as his second professional fight.

According to Fight Fax Inc., boxing's official record keeper, Lomachenko is actually 7-1 because he was paid to take part in six World Series of Boxing fights.

The HBO telecast begins at 9:45 p.m. ET/PT

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Salido vs. Lomachenko

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Referee:  Laurence Cole

Judges:   Jack Reiss and Oren Shellenberger have it 116-112 and 115-113 for Salido, and Levi Martinez had it for Lomachenko, 115-113.



Lomachenko entered the ring first, wearing a glistening royal blue robe trimmed in gold with his the words "Team Lomachenko" on the back.

Salido enters second, wearing a sequined white robe trimmed in blue.

Michael Bufffer does the honors with the introductions.


Round 1: Fighters approach the center of the ring. Lomachenko moving forward, Salido, retreating. Salido has solid success against southpaws, which Lomachenko is. Lomachenko jabs his way forward, Salido lands to the body with a right. Salido looks and, obviously, is bigger. Not much significant action. Right, left, right by Lomachenko in a corner. Double-jab by Lomachenko. Right lands for Salido. Lomachenko, 10-9.


Round 2: HBO's Harold Lederman gave the first round to Lomachenko, who trailed in punches laded, 5-3. Lomachenko continues to force the action. Salido lands a right. Double-right hand from Lomachenko and then a double right jab. Good lateral movement from Lomachenko before Salido pounds three shots to the body. Left and right by Lomachenko, who is on his toes and being elusive. Three solid body shots from Salido and then a long right all land.  Salido, 10-9; Even, 19-19.

Round 3: Salido has found some success with the right hand, but takes a triple jab and a left. Left and right by Salido backs up Lomachenko. Lomachenko warned for holding by referee Lauence Cole. Salido starting to walk through Lomachenko's jabs and firing the right. Salido lands a left to the body. Hard right hand by Salido and then a left to the body. Salido's aggression is being more affective. Hard right hand by Salido after a succession of crisp shots by Lomachenko. Salido, 10-9; Salido, 29-28.


Round 4:  Lederman has Salido ahead, 29-28. Salido has an edge in punches landed overall, 22-19. Salido continues to pres the action. Hard right to the body and a right-left to the head. Three-punch combination to the body by Salido, and then another. Lomachenko clinches. Right hand by Lomachenko. Three-punch combination by Lomachenko. Right, left, right by Salido– two to the head, one to the body. Right hand and left by Salido to the head. Left, right to the body by Salido. Three right hands to the side of Lomachenko's body by Salido. Hard right hand by Salido to the chin. Two rights and two lefts by Salido — the first couple to the head, the last two to the body by Salido to close the round. Salido, 10-9; Salido, 39-37.

Round 5: Salido has out-landed Lomachenko, 38-16, in overall power shots. Lederman has Salido up, 39-37. Salido continues to press the action and to pound away. Right by Salido. Lomachenko's punches don't appear to be affecting Salido. Lomachenko clinches. Salido gives some ground as Lomachenko searches for an opening. Jab, jab, jab and a right all by Lomachenko. Long right and a left both to the head by Salido. Lomachenko, 10-9; Salido, 48-47.

Round 6: Salido steps up the pressure after being out-landed, 9-to-3, in the fifth. More clinching from Lomachenko. Salido fires hard rights to the body of Lomachenko. Three-punch combination from Lomachenko. Lomachenko's movement and rapid-fire lefts and rights are evidence that he may be getting a second wind, even as he absorbs punishment. Lomachenko, 10-9; Even, 57-57.

Round 7: Lederman has Salido ahead, 58-56. Lomachenko has an edge in overall punches, 55-54. Salido continues to bore in and ravage Lomachenko's body. Lomachenko continues to aim jabs and rights to the head. Vicious thudding shots to the body from Salido. Hard lefts to the head by Lomachenko. Another left and a clinch by Lomachenko. Right and a left to the head by Salido as the action heats up. Fighters exhchanging at ring-center, with Salido landing the harder punches. Good rally by Lomachenko with a round-closing four-punch combination. Lomachenko, 10-9; Lomachenko, 67-66.

Round 8: Lomachenko had an edge in punches landed, 16-15, in the seventh. Lederman has Salido ahead, 67-66. Hard right hand by Salido backs up Lomachenko. Left to the body and the head by Salido, who continues to walk through Lomachenko's jabs. Three lefts by Salido during a clinch. Three more by Salido. Three-punch combo by Lomachenko. They trade rights. Four-punches to the body by Salido. Right to the head by Salido. Two rights to the body by Salido. Lomachenko's punching but Salido's still moving through them. Salido, 10-9; Even, 76-76.

Round 9: Lederman has it for Salido, 77-75. Salido's still the more aggressive fighter, but Lomachenko's clinching aborts his momentum. Solid counter left by Lomachenko, who but, again, Salido is undeterred. Salido continues to club the body, getting away with some marginal low blows. Constant pounding to the body by Salido. Salido is out-landing Lomachenko in the round. Hard long left hook by Salido. Salido, 10-9; Salido, 86-85.

Round 10: Salido out-landed Lomachenko, 18-9, in the ninth. Lederman has it 87-84 for Salido. More of the same in the 10th: Salido moving foward and targeting the body, Lomachenko trying to fend him off and clinching. Left hand clips Lomachenko to the head as does another in a clinch. Salido down, but it is ruled a slip. Right hand to the head by Salido, who takes a crisp uppercut. Two left hooks by Salido, who remains relentless. Right to the solar plexis by Salido. Hook to the liver by Salido. Hook to the head and right to the head, both by Salido. Salido, 10-9; Salido, 96-94.

Round 11: Lomachenko's corner telling him to throw more punches and mind his defense. Salido has laded 112 punches, 80 of them to the body. Lederman has it for Salido, 96-94. Four-punch body combination by Salido, and then, a low blow that it missed, yet again. Salido holding and drilling the body. Two lefts to the head by Salido. Lomachenko lands a series of shots but can't dent the chin of Salido. Lomachenko lands a crisp left to the body that gets Salido's attention. Good action and rally for Lomachenko, who out-lands Salido along the ropes. Lomachenko, 10-9; Salido, 105-104.


Round 12: Lederma has Salido ahead, 105-104. Clash of heads, no damage. Salido pressures and lands to the body, sensing the fight is close. Double-left to the head by Salido. Salido out-landing Lomachenko to the body and cracks with a right hand. Lomachenko finds the head with a right and then a left uppercut. Good exchange. HARD, STRAIGHT LEFT SHAKES SALIDO, WHO IS HOLDING. LOMACHENKO'S PURSUING AND LANDING WELL. SALIDO 'S IN TROUBLE. FIVE-PUNCH COMBINATION BY LOMACHENKO. SHOT TO THE BODY BY LOMACHENKO. DOMINANT CLOSE BY LOMACHENKO, COULD STEAL THE FIGHT. Lomachenko, 10-9; Even, 114-114.