Manny Pacquiao to Floyd Mayweather: Call collect and say ‘yes’



Manny Pacquiao said Floyd Mayweather Jr. can "call collect, say yes, and then the fight will be on" during a Thursday evening appearance on "The Crowd Goes Wild" on Fox Sports 1.

Asked why the Mayweather fight has not happened, Pacquiao began by saying he was growing impatient with the question.

Click here for a video of Pacquiao's appearance on "The Crowd Goes Wild."

"You know, here's the thing: I'm tired of answering a lot of questions of the fans," said Pacquiao, on the heels of accusing Mayweather of having "many alibis" for not fighting him during a Wednesday studio interview with ESPN's Keith Olbermann. "You know, I want to. I want that fight to happen because that's what the fans want. But the problem is, it's up to him. All that I can say is…"

With that, Pacquiao reached beneath the desk at which he sat, pulled out a rotary phone and placed it on the surface before him, all to the delight of a cheering audience.

"My line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any time he can call me and say, 'Yes, I will fight,' and then the fight will be on," said Pacquiao. "It's a collect call. He don't need to pay. He can call me any time and then say 'Yes,' and then the fight will be on."

Mayweather has not yet named  the opponent he will face on May 3 at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, having recently stated on his Twitter account that he will allow his fans to decide whether his next opponent will be England's Amir Khan or Argentina's Marcos Maidana.

Pacquiao's appearance was part of a day in New York spent promoting his rematch with WBO welterweight titleholder Timothy Bradley on April 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao lost to Bradley by split-decision in June of 2012 before being stopped in the sixth-round by Juan Manuel Marquez in December of that same year.

Pacquiao is coming off a unanimous decision over Brandon Rios last November, a performance that left Bradley questioning Pacquiao's resolve.

On the show, Pacquiao was asked about a quote by Bradley which read, "Manny fights for the money. I have the hunger to win. I don't think he has the hunger anymore, and it's never coming back."

Pacquiao's response?

"This is a good thing that happened that he told me that in my face," said Pacquiao. "He got in my face and he told me, 'You don't have a killer instinct anymore,' and, 'You don't have aggressiveness anymore,' and, 'it's my time,' and he said, you know, 'I'm going to win the fight,' like that, and, 'blah, blah, blah.' And I told him, 'No, my time is not yet done.'"