Lamont Peterson UD 12 Dierry Jean live round-by-round updates

Jan has a live round-by-round update of Saturday night's junior welterweight bout during which IBF titleholder Lamont Peterson scored a one-sided unanimous decision over Dierry Jean that was televised on Showtime from the D.C. Armory in Peterson's hometown of Washington, D.C.

Peterson out-landed Jean, 230-to-123, in overall punches.

Peterson (32-2-1, 16 knockouts) is 5-1-1 with three knockout victories since falling by unanimous decision to WBO 147-pound beltholder Tim Bradley as a 140-pounder in 2009, but was coming off a non-title bout against Lucas Matthysse, who dropped him three times and stopped him in the third round in May. Also in May, Jean (25-1, 17 KOs) scoring a fourth-round TKO over Cleotis Pendarvis.

Peterson's past two wins were in D.C., coming by split-decision over Amir Khan and by eighth-round knockout over Kendall Holt.

Peterson weighed in at 139.5-to-139 for Jean, and they re-hydrated to 154 and 153, respectively.

The Showtime telecast begins at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Peterson vs. Jean

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Referee:  Roberto Ramirez


Judges: Pasquale Procopio had it 115-113, Michael Anconda 116-112, Samuel Conde 118-111, all for Peterson. scored it 118-110 for Peterson.

Dierry Jean has entered the ring, has had hundreds of flag-waving fans fly in from Montreal.

Peterson enters the ring wearing a glittering, hooded purple and white robe to the boisterous roars of his fans.


Round 1: Peterson's moving forward behind his jab, at first, and then circling. Jean remains stationary and pumping his own jab. Jean's body is glistening, Peterson's somewhat dry. Mostly Peterson's jabbing. Jean, patient. Peterson's jabbing up and down to the head and body, his activity winning the round. Right by Peterson. Double-jab by Peterson. Nothing major, but again, the activity favors the moving Peterson. Jean misses with a right and then lands one before taking a double jab. Peterson, 10-9.

Round 2: Peterson opens with the jab and then digs a left and a right to the body. More up and down jabbing for Peterson. Jean leans into a long right and a left that land. Peterson's still more active, but takes two right hands. Crowd is chanting Jean's nickname, "Dougy." Peterson lands a hard left hook and later a right to the body. Decent jab by Jean. Peterson's still controlling the pace. Solid lead right swivels Peterson's head for Jean. Left hand and a left hook land for Jean. Jean lands a right hand but misses with a left uppercut. Peterson, 10-9; Peterson, 20-18.


Round 3: Jean's more active behind his jab to start the round. Peterson misses with three jabs. Peterson doubles the jab to the shoulder and the head, but takes a solid right hand. Left and a right by Jean get around Peterson's guard. Right by jean, left to the body by Peterson. Peterson takes two rights as action heats up. Another decent right by Jean. Four right hands by Jean as Peterson goes into a defensive shell. Right uppercut by Jean. Left hook by Peterson, right by jean. They trade left hooks. Peterson gets in a left uppercut. Jean lands a double-left hand. Three jabs by Peterson. Jean, 10-9; Peterson, 29-28.

Round 4: Jean's pressing the action. They trade left hooks. Peterson's was harder. Lead right by Jean. They're toe-to-toe. Jab by Jean, triple jab and a right hand by Peterson. Another right by Jean. Left hook to the head and then body from Peterson, solid comeback combination by Jean. Left jab and then hook by Peterson. Double-left by Jean and then a right. Peterson's coming forward behind the jab and works the body nicely. Left uppercut by Jean. Right to the body by Peterson and then two jabs. Jab by Jean, two by Peterson. Right hand by Peterson, left by Jean. Jab by Peterson and then a right by Jean. Good action. Peterson, 10-9; Peterson, 39-37.

Round 5: Peterson presses foward with a jab and a right that swivel Jean's head. Jean tries to work the body, but Peterson's jabbing and landing effectively. Peterson's activity still is winning the fight. Left hook and a right by Jean, but Peterson's left hook to the head and body are telling. Peterson lands and overhand right and a left. Right by Jean. Double-left, right uppercut by Peterson. Peterson's starting to out-work Jean and dominate on the inside. Peterson bangs and hurts Jean to the liver. Peterson bolo punches and lands a right hand. Peterson's confident and in control. Seven-punch combination closes the round for Peterson. Peterson, 10-9; Peterson, 49-46.

Round 6: It's clear that Peterson does not respect Jean's power, comes out and just punishes Jean relentlessly in a corner of the ring. Peterson follows and continues to land vicious lefts and rights as the crowd gets behind himn over the first minute of the round. Jean's reteating and takes a right to the body and a head-swiveling left to the head. Jean's cowering and takes a series of vicious blows although he gets in a left uppercut. Clearly the bigger man, Peterson's blasting away along the ropes to the head and body. Jean gets off the ropes but Peterson pursues. Right uppercut by Jean, but Peterson's undeterred. Peterson, 10-9; Peterson, 59-55.

Round 7:  Jean's cut over his right eye. Peterson told in his corner by trainer Barry Hunter, "Get rid of this dude." Peterson sets out to do that, pounding the body and then the head along the ropes. Jean's continuing to retreat, landing an occasional punch. Right hand by Jean. Jab, jab, right hand by Peterson. Right and a head-swiveling left by Peterson. Double-jab by Peterson and a hard right by Peterson. Nice two-punch combo by Jean. Not enough action from Jean in front of a hostile crowd. Triple-jab by Peterson and then a right. Double-jab and a right by Peterson. Double-left hook to the liver and a right to the head by Jean to end the round. Peterson, 10-9; Peterson, 69-64.

 Round 8: Jean's corner getting desperate, telling him to be more active. Peterson establishing the jab again. But Jean comes with three solid rights, with a couple of lefts to the body. Peterson comes back and regains control with his own offensive surge. Left hook to the body by Jean and then a right and a left. Peterson's coming forward, however, and lands a left hook and a right to regain momentum. Right to the body and left to the head by Peterson. Right hand to the head and left to the body. Left hook to the head by Jean. Two rights by Jean, who may be having his best round. Left and right by Jean. Left to the body by Jean. Double-jab and right by Jean. They trade jabs. Left hook and a right to the body by Jean. Jean, 10-9; Peterson, 78-74.

Round 9: Jean begins with a jab that starts a three-punch combination. More jabbing and moving by Jean. Right by Peterson. Another Peterson right. Left and a right by Peterson. Jab by Jean, double-jab by Peterson. Right uppercut by Peterson. Peterson's still carrying the pressure to Jean. Right by Peterson backs up Jean. Peterson lands a right in the corner and then another. Right by Jean and a left by Jean to the body. Two overhand rights by jean and then another. Left to the body by Peterson. Left to the body and left to the head by Peterson. Peterson, 10-9; Peterson, 88-83.

Round 10: Peterson told by Hunter, "You're making this fight closer than it has to be." Jean comes foward with two shots to the body but gets countered by a left. Peterson comes forward and pushes the challenger back behind a barrage of punches. Left hook by Peterson is stronger than Jean's left. Right by Jean. Another left by Jean. Double-jab by Peterson. Four left hands by Peterson, two of them are hooks. Referee Roberto Ramirez gives Jean time to recover from a low blow. Right by Peterson and another. Left by Jean. Right by Peterson and a left. Right uppercut by Peterson who also takes a right. Right and left and a right by Peterson. Right to the body by Peterson, who simply is out-working the challenger. Peterson, 10-9; Peterson, 98-92.

Round 11: Peterson starts off the 11th the way he finished, by carrying the action to the challenger. Peterson is smothering and bombing Jean. Jabs, body work, right hands to the head. Dominating the action in terms of activity. Left hook and left upperct both by Peterson. Double-jab by Jean. Left hook by Peterson to the body. Peterson's having fun in there. Lead right by Peterson. Right by Peterson and another, this one to the body, all by Peterson. Jab by Peterson. Jean's not busy enough. Period. Left uppercut by Peterson follows a right and then Peterson lands a left hook. Peterson out-lands Jean, 17-4, in the 11th. Peterson, 108-101.

Round 12: Jean comes out jabbing and appears to finally sense the urgency of his situation. Jab, jab and right hand by Peterson. Overhand right by Peterson. Right by Peterson. Another right by Peterson and then a left hook. Two more left hooks by Peterson. Another left hook and then a right cross by Peterson. Right by Jean. Double-jab by Peterson. Boxing lesson and domination by Peterson, who is dancing. Peterson rides his bicycle to close the fight. Peterson, 10-9; Peterson, 118-110. scored it 118-110 for Peterson.




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