Breaking news: Alvarez comes in 1.8 pounds above contracted weight


Saul Alvarez came in 1.8 pounds over the contracted weight of 150 pounds Friday for his fight against Matthew Hatton on Saturday in Anaheim, Calif., on HBO, perhaps leaving the fight in jeopardy.

Alvarez was given two hours from the time of the weigh in, which took place a little after noon, to lose the weight.

If Alvarez can’t lose the weight, he would have to forfeit a portion of his purse. Some of the money would go to the California State Athletic Commission and some would go to Hatton. The Alvarez camp could also make concessions directly with Hatton.

However, Hatton was advised before Friday by some of those close to him – including brother Ricky Hatton – to pull out of the fight if Alvarez came in overweight.

In the end, it’s Hatton’s call as to whether he wants to fight. Hatton weighed in at 149.6.